Friday, December 12, 2014

Pictures from Sam and Francesca Noumoff Memorial Celebration


Sam and Francesca Noumoff Memorial Celebration Presentations

Nearly one hundred people attended the memorial celebration for Sam and Francesca Noumoff held at the Cote-des Neiges Funeral Centre on December 9th at 1 PM. The ceremony was conducted by Dr.Joyce Canfield, a close friend of the family for over four decades. Colleagues from McGill University, friends, retired professors and long time employees of McGill --some of whom travelled long distances--graced the occasion.  There were a large number of former students, who were inspired by him, community activists, Consular officials, local Montreal Chinese community newspaper publishers and as well as close friends of Francesca who made the trip from New York and Ottawa to honour their memory. While moving eulogies were made on Sam's integrity, commitment, convictions and his mentoring approach to all who interacted with him, there were also the humorous recollections of Sam's skills at delivering velvet gloved, iron fisted critiques of the establishment. McGIll University lowered its flag over the main administrative building in recognition of Sam's lifelong contributions and presence in the University on the 10th of December. The ceremony was accompanied by a video display of Sam and Francesca's pictures from memorable occasions in the past and as well as photographs from their house. A small brochure was also distributed for the occasion. The ceremony was concluded by the serving of food and drinks. We are posting the prepared speeches of some of the speakers. Professors Naylor and Chossudovsky delivered extempore eulogies and will send in their thoughts later. 

Presentation by Prof Baldev Raj Nayar